Recyclable Masks

Help Protect the Environment and Yourself
Recyclable Face Coverings with Antimicrobial Protection

The Impact of Disposable Masks

As the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, more and more protective equipment is ending up in landfills and the oceans polluting our planet. The startling facts are……

400+ year Lifespan

It takes over 4 generations to break down a single disposable mask as they are made of many different materials making them impossible to reycle

129 Billion used each month

Single-use face masks are overflowing landfills and waste disposal sites

75% end up in oceans yearly

Polluting our environment and endangering marine animals

Toxins hurt the environment

Disposable masks emit chemicals that can harm eco-systems and wildlife

The solution - our sustainable, eco-friendly Face Coverings

Face coverings are an important barrier to stop the spread of droplets. Our face coverings are enhanced by Swiss engineered HeiQ Viroblock textile technology to protect them against contamination by microbes and germs.


As a specialist textile business, our masks and snoods are produced from GRS certified recycled polyesters, utilising circular manufacturing principles.


Like you, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact where possible so we recycle to raw polyester for commercial re-use.


Lasts up to 30 gentle washings at 60°C (140°F) maintaining antibacterial protection.

Antimicrobial Protection

As a specialist textile business, our masks Treated with HeiQ Viroblock coating to make it resistant to microbes and bacteria.

Our Recyclable Mask and Snood