PPE Garments

Capacity 0 gowns per week

PPE Garments

The fabric used in our PPE garments consist of a special polymer laminated onto a spunbound polypropylene. This forms an effective barrier to liquids (incl blood), low hazard chemicals and microbial penetration.

Isolation Gowns (EN-14126)

Our Isolation Gowns (EN-14126) have the following properties :

  • Abrasion Resistance: Class 1
  • Compression – folding flex cracking resistance: Class 6
  • Trapezodial Tear Resistance: Class 2
  • Tensile Strength: Class 1
  • Puncture Resistance: Class 1
  • Resistance to ignition: Pass
  • Fabric weight: 75 to 100 gsm

All of our garments are made in the UK and have been independently tested against either EN13795 or EN 14126.

Surgical Gowns (EN -13795)

Our non sterile disposable surgical gowns (EN-13795) pass the following tests:

  • Resistance to microbial penetration both wet and dry
  • Resistance to liquid penetration
  • Cleanliness-Microbial
  • Linting
  • Bursting Strength both wet and dry
  • Tensile Strength both wet and dry

Although our non-sterile gowns are described as disposable, they pass the required standard for up to 10 washes at 60 c.